Rally Drive - HOT LAPS x3

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Rally Drive -  HOT LAPS x3
You will be greeted upon arrival by our friendly team where you will be checked in for your ultimate rally experience. You will then be guided to our briefing room where you will be taught all the basic principles of rally driving - acceleration, breaking and cornering. You will also be introduced to your driver who will be blasting you around the rally stage. The excitement and adrenalin level is now at a maximum and you are nearly ready to get strapped into one of our championship winning rally cars. But your safety is our priority so it's time to fit you out with a full race suit and helmet. Now it's off to the track and you are ready for your Ultimate thrill ride. You are guided to your rally car and strapped in. Then it's off - full on rally attack! You will complete 3 laps at rally speed, your heart rate will be pounding as you experience first hand what it takes to drive a fully worked championship winning rally car to the MAX as you drift and power slide around the special stage rally circuit in the hands of one of our professional rally drivers. You will be given a course completion certificate to remember your special day! Not for the faint hearted!

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