Gliding Deluxe Flight at 4000Ft - Benalla

Price From: $199
Gliding Deluxe Flight at 4000Ft  -  Benalla
You'll start your adventure with your friendly instructor. After some safety instructions and demonstrations you'll take the front seat of your sleek glider. This is the time to ask all those questions! After a smooth take off, the glider is released at 4,000 feet to enjoy the unique thrill and tranquillity of silent flight that only gliding can provide. Get to see the Great Dividing Range (and its stunning mountains including Mt. Buffalo and Mt. Buller) to the south and east and the great plains to the north when you fly from Benalla. Then, when it's safe to do so and if you are keen, you can fly the glider "hands-on" and take control after we demonstrate the basics to you in the air. And don't worry: your instructor is always sitting behind you and will not let you do anything unsafe. As the experience comes to a close, you will gently glide to a smooth and short landing, ready to jump off the glider with a huge smile in your face.

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