Combat Warbird Flight - YAK52 - Archerfield

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Combat Warbird  Flight - YAK52 - Archerfield
Your day begins with a full mission briefing including all aspects of the flight and combat sequences. Aircraft details including safety procedures are next, then don your flight, suit strap in and prepare for the most exhilarating experience you have ever done. After a formation take off we track to the combat area enjoying the fantastic sites along the way from a different angle. Now its time for action and our pilots take you through awesome combat and tactical manoeuvres including two exhilarating simulated dogfight sequences. Feel the thrill of the kill as you shoot the enemy down trailing smoke! We tailor the manoeuvres and aerobatics to suit the individual from gentle to extreme. Being airborne for 30 minutes, this allows you to fully experience what the YAK 52 military fighter/trainer is capable of. This experience is for anyone who wants action and adventure and the thrill of combat. Your day includes: Pre Flight Briefing; Flight suit and helmet ;30 minutes actual flight time, debrief and souvenir flight certificate. DVD of the flight is an extra $120 payable on the day.

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