Circus Workshop for Fifteen - NSW

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Circus Workshop for Fifteen  - NSW
Are you ready to runaway with the circus? The 2.5 hour session begins with fun and dynamic drama games to establish strong group dynamics. The group will be broken into smaller groups and you will then take part in skills development with our professional circus instructors. The skills you will learn include: 1. Arco-balance & acrobatics - together the group will learn how to balance on one another and build human pyramids. 2. Aerials - Learning to climb a rope, hang from a trapeze, and find new ways of hanging upside down. 3. Manipulation - Juggling, hula hoops, devil sticks and diablo. The circus is all about performing. You and your instructor will work together as a group, using the skills you have learnt to devise a performance to show fellow group members. Although a great challenge, Circus Arts is a non-confronting and enjoyable experience, designed to encourage communication and team building skills. Instructors will work with each individual's ability to bring out the best in them and the group. Participants can choose the skills they would most like to focus on. It is ideal for company or social groups who are looking for something exciting and different.

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