16 Lap V8 Race Buggy & WRX Combo - Sydney

Price From: $449
16 Lap V8 Race Buggy & WRX  Combo -  Sydney
If you're looking for an all in one motor sport adventure then this is the Package for you. Our Off Road V8 RceBuggy & WRX Turbo Rally Driving combo is new and exciting! It's an adrenalin charged blend of awesome V8 power and turbo charged Rally Driving. It is the only package you can do 2 totally different dirt driving expriences at the same place on the same day! After a Drivers Briefing in both cars, we will suit you up in a Race Suit and helmet. The you wll jump in your race prepped V8 Race Buggy, You will put it through its paces whilst fine tuning your off-road driving technique. By the end of the off road buggy session you'll experience high speeds, awesome jumps and superb sliding action in the latest and safest V8 off-road buggies, powered by four-litre Lexus V8 engines. Then it's onto the turbocharged Subaru WRX for a racing session on the dirt track, pushing the car to the limits with your instructor on hand to offer coaching and advice. At first you'll do 8 laps with an off road buggy instructor in the navigator's seat offering handy tips on off road buggy control, drifting and racing over purpose-built jumps. Stage Two is in the track-prepared Subaru WRX, where you'll drift the car sideways during another 8 lap session. Then, choose from an off road buggy or rally hot lap, with you as a navigator beside a professional off-road buggy driver. Hang on!

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