Sport moustaches help raise money for Movember


Mad Chatter Movember MusterToday, well known sports character the Mad Chatter launched a campaign to discover who has the best sporting moustache to help raise funds for the Movember Foundation, Beyond Blue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

The Mad Chatter’s Movember Muster will see 10c donated to the Movember Foundation for each new follower of the Mad Chatter during the month formerly known as November.

To attract sport and moustache lovers to the fund raising campaign, the Mad Chatter and sporting website will be showcasing the outstanding moustaches of a famous athletes each day during Movember.

Dominic Feenan, co-founder of, said the Mad Chatter’s Movember Muster was all about celebrating the moustache and raising money for men’s health.

“We are very proud to be running this campaign in Movember to raise funds that help improve the health of men in Australia and around world. It is a tremendous cause,” Mr Feenan said.

“The moustaches we will showcase each day during Movember are terrific specimens and I’m sure everyone will have a good laugh choosing the best sporting moustache.”

To join the Mad Chatter’s Movember Muster simply visit or do a simple search for the Mad Chatter on Facebook or Google.

“I encourage sports lovers and lovers of Movember to get involved in the Mad Chatter’s Movember Muster. It is a very easy way to and help raise money for Beyond Blue, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Movember Foundation,” Mr Feenan said.

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