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What A Disgrace!

The Mad Chatter - Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic DisgraceThe news coverage said it all. An Olympian was giving up his bronze medal due to disagreement with a refereeing decision. Today was the day I realised that when it comes to sport, we have totally missed the point!!

Swedish wrestler, Ara Abrahamian, not only destroyed the moment of a lifetime for the two other Olympians on the podium with him, but he also displayed the most disgraceful case of poor sportsmanship I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness. This incident, following on fast on the heels of Australia’s water polo coach critiquing the refereeing skills that resulted in his team ending a match in a draw, made me wonder why the refereeing officials continue to turn up day after day? And then of course you might want to walk a day in the shoes of swedish referee Chakir Chelbat who was kicked in the face by a olympic medal contender in taekwondo. Check out some of the coverage here.

Any sportsman will tell you, the referee is there to keep the players safe, ensure they are adhering to the rules, keep the game moving to bring out the best in the players and occasionally, may make a decision that the player doesn’t agree with. And game after game, they do the job, they cop the abuse and they turn up every week to ensure that sports the world over can continue to develop, and be contested at its highest level. Without the referee, there would be no 1st, 2nd or 3rd to be contested. That the referees are human, is without question. They will make mistakes. However, I would encourage our Swedish wrestler, and our water polo coach and anyone else who shares their point of view, to think about what their favorite sport would be like without them?

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