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Sin Bin Could Help AFL Deal with On-Field Incidents

The Mad Chatter - Thursday, August 05, 2010
Cyril Rioli suspended for attempting to strike

This week Hawthorn Hawks player Cyril Rioli was charged by the AFL Tribunal for striking and for attempting to strike another player after he lost the plot in the AFL match last weekend against Port Adeliade. Rioli got into a dust-up with Port Adelaide defender Nick Salter and he became easy pickings for the AFL Tribunal.

However, I think it is ridiculous that in 2010 a player is charged for attempting to strick another player. I am 100% behind the AFL to suspend him for actually punching a player, but if you take an air swing - should you be punished by suspension?

I think a more appropriate penalty for carrying on like a pork chop is to be temporarily suspended from the match so your team is forced to play with a man down for a period of time. This is a better penalty and will hurt the club more.

You can not be sent off in the AFL and this is stupid. Remember Barry Hall decking blokes left, right and centre....well he was never sent off. Yes he received many suspensions but the bloke who goes off injured or can not play to his potential because he is concussed negatively impacts on his team while the likes of Rioli and Barry Hall continue to play.

Bringing in a sin-bin for fowl play would work in the AFL. If a player has a brain explosion and starts throwing punches why not put him in the sin-bin for 5 minutes or 10 minutes to cool down. The other team get the advantage of playing against a team one man down.

This would be a huge advantage and the offending player would not be rubbed out by the AFL Tribunal for a brain explosion.....A much better solution in my opinion.

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