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Mia Freedman Bags Cadel Evans on Today Show - She Has No Idea

The Mad Chatter - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mia Freedman bags Cadel Evans on Today ShowIt is not very often I blow up completely but I have a good reason at the moment.

Mia Freedman, I explain later who this battler is if you haven't heard of her, was chatting to Karl Stefanovic on Channel Nine's Today Show on Monday morning 25 July 2011. Karl was explaining to her how the win in the Tour de France by Cadel Evans was one of the biggest sporting moments in Australia's history. Well done Karl!! However, I was gobsmacked when Mia Freedman repeatedly dismissed Cadel Evans and his achievements. She even suggested that because he lived outside Australia he wasn't a true Australian.....Umm Ian Thorpe trains overseas, our winter Olympians all train overseas so why wouldn't a cyclist train in the European Alps - what a bloody twit!! This shows she has no idea.

So who is Mia Freedman? You might recognise her from the footage below but she has carved a career commentating on lifestyle, entertainment and she is also a body image expert. In 2009 she was appointed Chair of the Federal Government's National Body Image Advisory Group by Minister for Sport and Youth, Kate Ellis. Now how do you become an expert on body image I hear you ask? Well it's not from being a dietitian, a pschologist or exercise scientist - no it's from her days as being a journo and editor for Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, New Weekly and Who Weekly. Wow - I didn't know answering love letters and fake sexual health questions and providing make up tips gave someone the authority to provide advice on body image. I must be wrong. Another quality Labor Government appointment.

Now before I go on, I must give credit where it is due even if I don't want to. Mia Freedman has carved out a good career for herself. She runs her own blog Mamamia and is a regular commentator on the Today Show and in other media. Good for her and the demographic that watch the Today Show at 8.30am each morning. But her commentary should stop at the very important topics of lifetsyle, entertainment and fashion.

Mia Freedman crossed a big line on the Today Show by bagging Cadel Evans and has been hammered on social media and on her blog for it. Rightly so in my opinion too!! She even carried on further after the Today Show by writing a blog about how she thinks Aussie athletes don't deserve the limelight. Jealous perhaps?

We all know Cadel Evans is a hero and his effort to win the Tour de France was heroic. The fact Mia Freedman doesn't understand the achievement proves that her comments are baseless and not worth a pinch of salt. Cycling maybe the poor cousin to cricket, the footy codes and just about any other sport in Australia. What Mia doesn’t realise is that cycling is the national sport for many European countries and the Tour de France is the pinnacle of cycling. Cadel's win is a very big deal.

Watch the footage below for yourself and you'll see why I've blown up about this. If you feel as peeved off as me, why not send Mia a tweet at @miafreedman and let her know how you feel.

Can you see from this interview the complete lack of respect for Cadel Evans and athletes in general. For a person who is meant to be the Body Image Expert, I would have thought she would support people who are excellent role models for positive body image - our Aussie athletes!! So tell me team, is Mia Freedman way off here?

Mia stick to lifestyle tips please and keep your obvious bias against athletes to yourself.

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