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Manly and Des Hasler Don't Get It

The Mad Chatter - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Des HaslerThe Manly coach Des Has-Been Hasler, the Manly players, the Manly Board and Manly fans are amongst the most arrogant and misguided bunch of battlers I have ever come across in my opinion. They cry when anything happens and the fall-out from what is being termed 'Black Friday' simply strengthens the case against these pelicans. Anyone else notice how the whole world is against Manly according to fans and anyone associated with the club?? What a load of BS!!

I'm not going to get into the debate about who started the fight in the Manly Sea Eagles v Melbourne Storm match from last week except to say no one in rugby league would argue against the initial sin-binning of Glenn Stewart and Adam Blair for their involvement in the first punch up. No one in rugby league would disagree with these clowns being sent-off for their second punch up on the way to the sin-bin. The referees got this one spot on.

What people do care about is that players from both sides came running from all directions to help. This was a bad look, not acceptable and the NRL rightly charged 10 players for their involvement in the fight.

What I'm blowing up about is the rhetoric from Manly officials following this fight that they were 50% responsible for. Some would even argue they are more than 50% responsible. Manly lovers whinge that the NRL has a vendetta against them and the world isn't fair...Um it was your players who came charging in, some ran from more than 30 metres, and escalated what was simply a one on one fight. If there was no involvement from Manly in that fight, then there would be no involvement from the NRL - so get off your high-horse you morons and for once take responsibility for your own actions.

Both Melbourne and Manly were fined $50,000. So what did Des Has-Been Hasler have to say about it all.....

"The Manly club has decided to accept the $50,000 fine and move on, which is probably the smartest thing to do - to put the distraction well and truly behind us and not make it too protracted. We can move forward."

What a self righteous thing to say. The Manly mullet is saying that the fine is a distraction and for the good of the game they'll cop and not let this drag on any further. He is also saying they'll accept the fine. Well Des, if your blokes had not run 30m and attacked the head of an opposition player and not been responsible for escalating a one on one blew, then no need for the fines so don't now pretend that you're helping the game out by copping the fine and not letting it drag on. If you want to help the game, how about you apologise on behalf of the players for what was an ordinary act. Craig Bellamy from Melbourne should do the same!! "decided to accept the fine...not make it protracted..." Give us a break Des, please!! You don't get it do you. These comments come from the same bloke who said the solution to concussion in rugby league was to make the field bigger.....Clearly an intelligent bloke...You decide....

Hasler has also carried on and suggested the NRL use the fine money to employ sideline officials to make sure players leave the field of play without any incidents. Well Has-Been, the NRL already employs sideline officials to manage the interchange but why should the NRL change the rules because of one act of stupidity by Manly and Melbourne players? Most players have enough intelligence to walk off the field without incident. Again Des Has-Been Hasler should be looking closer to home as to why this all-in-brawl happened. I can tell you now Has-Been, it didn't start because the NRL did not have sideline officials....Manly don't get it do they.....

There is still a massive hang-over of ill feelings from Manly towards the NRL over the Brett Stewart drama from not yesterday, not last week, but from 2009. Get over it. When troublemaker and chief Pelican Glenn Stewart was interviewed last week before the Black Friday match, he was told NRL boss David Gallop, who by the way has done an outstanding job through all of this, was going to be attending the biggest match of the year, according to the Daily Telegraph he acted like a mug.

"Is he definitely coming?? Oh well - we'll just wait and see what happens when he gets there."

It had an air of menace about it. Gallop was surrounded by security guards when he was walking through the crowd at Brookvale so one-eyed Manly fans didn't assault him.

These are the same fans that cried when Brett Stewart was suspended by the NRL for getting drunk and acting like a pelican at the season opener and bringing the game into disrepute. These same Manly fans and even Has-Been Hasler conveniently forget that the decision to suspend Brett Stewart was based on Manly's own report to the NRL that said he was as drunk as ten men.

How easy the Manly club forgets and points the fingers at everybody else!! I'm not even going to mention the other incident after the season opener.

Now before Manly supporters read this and blow up asking about my thoughts on the Melbourne Storm, well I also think their players acted in an ordinary manner. However, we haven't heard Craig Bellamy or Melbourne Board members carrying on in the media and making smug remarks. Is it any surprise to you that of the ten players charged, only Glenn Stewart from Manly is pleading not guilty....All the other players including all the Storm players have indicated they will plead guilty.

Please Manly for once actually take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming everyone else in the world for your actions. I have a feeling after tonight's NRL judiciary we'll be hearing more complaining from the Manly club as they blame the NRL and suggest there is a conspiracy against them when Manly players involved in the punch up are suspended.

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