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Kim Duthie The St Kilda School Girl - 7pm Project Interview - You Be The Judge

The Mad Chatter - Thursday, June 09, 2011

All day today we've been hearing how disgraced AFL player agent Ricky Nixon is suing some media outlets and the AFL Players Association after the St Kilda school girl Kim Duthie admitted she lied about the whole affair. She lied about the drugs, she lied about the sex. But this morning Ricky Nixon couldn't explain how he ended up in the hotel room on the bed in his undies. Kim Duthie says she thinks he might have been drugged.

Just as we thought the truth will finally come to the surface, Kim Duthie went on the 7pm Project on Channel 10 tonight. She admitted to the panel that she lied about everything and Ricky Nixon was completely innocent. From the footage, it is clear she is a troubled teen.

However, when she thought the cameras were turned off she said to panelist Dave Hughes that she just lied during the taping of the whole interview.....This saga is far from over. So while Nixon is saying he is suing people, Kim Duthie is saying she lied about everything with Ricky Nixon. But then she went and lied about that too. Who know what to believe so I thought I'd provide the footage from the 7pm Project so you can make your mind up for yourelves. Check out the footage below - You might have to skip through some left-hand jokes first:

So what's your thoughts after watching the footage??

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