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Johnathan Thurston - Referee Contact - Should JT Have Been Charged?

The Mad Chatter - Monday, June 20, 2011

Big news in the rugby league world tonight as Queensland play maker Johnathan Thurston has been charged by the NRL Match Review Committee with Grade 2 contrary conduct after he made contact with referee Matt Cecchin in the match against the New Zealand Warriors on Saturday night (18/6/2011).

If found guilty the Queensland halfback could miss the deciding Game 3 State of Origin match and in my opinion this would be a travesty!! The Grade 2 charge comes with over 200 points and therefore if guilty Thurston will miss two matches - the round 16 match against Penrith and Game 3 of the Origin.

I am all for protecting the referees at all levels of the game. From the NRL to the U/6s on the weekend, our referees need protecting from stupid fans and dumb players. However, I've seen the footage and for this particular incident to be classed as contrary conduct, let alone a Grade 2, well it is bloody outrageous and not right!! The Cowboys have suggested they will contest the charge and so they should.

It would be wrong for Thurston to miss the biggest Origin match in recent history because of a stupid charge like this. Queensland origin greats have come out firing saying it is a conspiracy and the Maroons coach Mal Meninga stopped short of calling it corruption but you could tell he wanted to say more to the media today.

The footage is below for you to study and make up your own mind but as the lads from FoxSports say, there is no way this was intentional. The Josh McCrone incident earlier in the year was definitely worth a charge but Johnathan Thurston should be annoyed at this. Sometimes stuff happens on the field.....Thurston and the referee left it on the field so there was no need for the Match Review Committee to get involved!!

You be the judge and let me know if you think Johnathan Thurston should be charged afer knocking the referee over....Watch the footage below now....

So should Johnathan Thurston have been charged?? If so should he have been charged with a Grade 2 offence and will he be suspended?

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