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Jarryd Blair from Collingwood - A Handy Player Has A Shocker

The Mad Chatter - Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Jarryd Blair Collingwood hand gesture

More AFL scandals in the news - It must mean the start of the AFL season it getting closer!! I bet David Gallop and the NRL lads are breathing a sigh of relief today that it isn't someone from their code in the media for all the wrong reasons.

Collingwood Football Club player Jarryd Blair was forced to publicly apologise today for making a rude hand signal in a photo during the Pies celebrations after winning the NAB Cup. It wasn't the bird, it wasn't a plain....well a plain old 'up yours' anyway.

Aussies are used to seeing sportsmen give rude hand gestures on the field. Remember Gordon Tallis in the 2002 State of Origin giving it back to the NSW fans, Mark Bosnich in 1996 doing the Nazi Hitler salute to Tottenham Spur fans who many of which are Jewish and big Tony Lockett giving the crowd an after full time siren one finger salute. We're used to this so why the blow up now you may ask....Well none of above gestures were degrading to women.

Jarry Blair has been caught sneaking in a hand gesture that has a sexual connotation and is commonly known as the 'Shocker'. This pelican has had a shocker that's for sure!! Forced to apologise by his club, he may face disciplinary action although nothing has been heard from the AFL or Collingwood Football Club on that front as yet. I think the AFL will get involved.

Jarryd Blair - Collingwood hand gesture

I'm not going to go into the meaning of the 'Shocker' - you can look that up at Wikipedia yourself but needless to say I can understand why female AFL supporters have blown up.

Jarryd Blair has apologised and admitted he was responsible for the shocking hand gesture.

"I accept that a hand gesture I made during the on-ground celebrations immediately following the NAB Cup Grand Final last Friday night was careless and inappropriate," Blair said in a statement on the club website. You're not wrong you Pelican!!

The AFL has been dragged through plenty of scandals in recent times and this will no doubt have a negative impact on their female supporters. Women groups are calling for Jarryd Blair to be sacked. Victorian Women's Trust president Mary Crooks said it was clear the message of respect was not getting through.

"It's demeaning towards women and towards what was a handsome victory for the team. I'm sick and tired of people defending acts like this as 'just a joke'," Ms Crooks said.

Time will tell whether Jarryd Blair's shocker will hurt his career. He has done the right thing by publicly apologising but will the AFL impose their own penalty?? I think the AFL and Collingwood Football Club will impose heavier penalties as they will be under pressure to act on another degrading act by one of their employees. It is not good for the AFL image.

Do you think Jarryd Blair should be punished for his hand gesture or is a public apology enough?? Are there too many wowsers these days that think political correctness is the only way to go....You tell me...... I'd support 100% for some sort of a fine to be imposed and the money going to a women's refuge or similar charity group.

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