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Is Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Actually a Cricket Fan?

The Mad Chatter - Thursday, January 21, 2010
Kevin Rudd with Pakistani players

The dedicated cricket follower would have noticed Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, getting in on the action in the Channel 9 and ABC radio commentary boxes this summer during the test matches.

He also launched the "Know when to declare" advertisements aimed to quell binge drinking ths summer on Day 2 of the Melbourne test match. He got on board and helped cook the barbeque at the SCG in aid of the McGrath Foundation during the third test match.

So the question must be asked - Does Australia's Prime Minister actually like cricket or does he like the thousands of possible votes from Aussie cricket fans?

After seeing some footage during the summer of Rudd trying to bowl to some kids, it is clear the bloke has never crossed the picket fence, let alone a backyard fence, to ever play the game. Suggesting to Shane Warne during a stint in Channel 9's commentary box that it is his national responsibility to return to the field, in my opinion, was just a stupid comment aimed a drumming up support.

We all know former Prime Minister, John Howard, was a massive fan of the game. He would sit and focus on applauding the Aussie team, not turn a day of cricket watching into a publicity campaign.

I believe Prime Minister Rudd is just using cricket to increase his approval rating. I'm not sure how well it has worked because everyone I've spoken to has said what a fool he has made of himself. He's like a kid in a candy shop around genuine Aussie sporting stars and celebrities! Do you think the invite is only extended because he is our Prime Minister? I certinaly do.

As for knowing when to declare, perhaps he should have taken some of his own advice during his boozy incident at an American "gentlemen's club" in 2003 whilst on a taxpayer funded trip.

The only good cricketing news is that Rudd has picked Matthew Hayden to captain the Prime Minister's XI against the West Indies in their tour match. Next thing you know Rudd will be out fishing with Hayden and will launch his next cookbook!!

Please Kevin, give up on the cricket and focus on some real national securing the FIFA soccer World Cup in 2018 or 2022!!

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