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Having the Australian Cricket Captain As A Selector Is Stupid - The Argus Review

The Mad Chatter - Tuesday, August 23, 2011

James Sutherland Jack ClarkeI'm not convinced that having the captain of a team included on the selection panel is an improvement. However, some of the other outcomes of the massive Argus Report commissioned by Cricket Australia are spot on. Having a new captain like Michael Clarke take on extra responsibility as one of the five selectors is dangerous and will no doubt cause dramas down the track.

The new-look five-man selection panel will consist of a full-time selector, two part-time selectors as well as the coach and captain. I'm all for the coach having a vote because there is a clear delineation between players and coaches. I'm also fine with a full-time selector and two part-time selectors as there is a clear delineation between players and management. I'm worried the line will become very blurry with the captain now having a direct vote on the future of his team mates.....I'd hate to be responsible for running the captain out or dropping the winning catch under this new system......

The captain has always been consulted and I'm happy for that to continue. That is entirely appropriate. He should be consulted but should not actively have a vote. Think of these examples - When Katich was dropped, people blamed Michael Clarke. He's also been blamed for other blokes getting the axe too. Ponting was accused of dropping Warney and Steve Waugh for dropping Michael Slater.....Whether there is any truth to this only God will know but having a separation of powers from the captain and selectors means the captain can not be actually blamed. However, if he has a vote, then there will be no doubt on the blame and this is bad for morale and team harmony.

What is great about this new system is that Chief Pelicans Andrew Hilditch and Greg Chappell are now gone - and good riddance!! What a bloody disgrace that the man responsible for instructing his brother to bowl the underarm ball to the Kiwis, probably the most shameful moment in Aussie cricket, was allowed anywhere near the selection panel.

There has been some passionate debate on this in the last few days. What's your feeling on whether Michael Clarke should be voting on the team selections with the other four selectors? Do you agree or do you think it is a recipe for disaster??

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