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Harry Kewell and Robbie Slater - Who is Right?

The Mad Chatter - Thursday, August 19, 2010
Harry Kewell

Well didn't Harry Kewell and Robbie Slater have a fair old blew on Tuesday night's FoxSports FC program!!

I've been putting some thought into this and I think that Robbie Slater had every right to publish an article in Sydney's Daily Telegraph suggesting that Kewell my not be wanted in the Soceroos team. I'm not saying I agree with Slater, but why cant he write what he wants...

He is no longer associated with the Socceroos, he is a media personality and that's what media personalities do - they have opinions. I think it was weak that Robbie Slater quoted an anonymous Australian player saying that he wish Harry Kewell would "f*&k off". This is pretty ordinary but again, he has the right to protect his sources.

Robbie Slater

I congratulate Harry Kewell for ringing through to the studio and debating Slater on air. This was a brave move but one I think will help keep his fans. It is that type of courage and determination that we want to see from Harry on the field.

So Robbie Slater - keep going mate. Your opinion is your opinion and it certainly has helped give you some profile again in this country.

So Harry Kewell - Well done for taking Slater on but it is now time to back up your statements with some solid on field performances for the Socceroos. It's been disappointing since the start of the World Cup campaign so it's time to put your footy boots where your mouth is and make yourself available and score some goals to help your nation win!!

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