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Harry Kewell, Melbourne Victory and FFA - Sort It Out Or Sod Off

The Mad Chatter - Monday, August 15, 2011

Harry Kewell and the FFAI am sick and tired of hearing about whether Socceroo legend Harry Kewell will be joining the A-League and whether that will be with Melbourne Victory or Sydney FC. I'm also fed up with the administrators of football in this country and their role in the return of Kewell. This process has gone on for far too long and I'm pointing the finger at both Harry Kewell and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA). These guys need to sort it out or sod off!!

Kewell and the FFA need to hurry up and either make this happen so football fans in this country can get on with  celebrating the start of a massive season that kicks off on Saturday 8 October 2011. The focus should be on the competition and not whether Kewell will be wearing a Melbourne Victory shirt or not in 2011/12.

I'll state this up front and very clearly - I think having Harry Kewell playing in the A-League for any club would be massive and I'm a huge supporter of this. I also think the FFA need to realise the opportunity that is on their doorstep at the moment and not put their bureaucracy and sense of self importance in front of the development of the world game in Australia. I also think any player should be able to earn as much money as they possibly can.

Harry Kewell has allegedly signed a conditional contract with Melbourne Victory but it is subject to him being allowed to have commercial control of his personal image and naming rights. Well that is reasonable isn't it.....After all Harry Kewell is Harry Kewell and should be allowed to control his own image and name!! However, the problem here is that this falls outside the usual contracts of A-League players so the FFA are not taking this demand lying down.

But what more do they want? Who's interest are they really protecting here?? Kewell's contract is based on incentives. The more people through the gates, the more merchandise and the more sponsorship Kewell brings to football in Australia the more he makes and therefore the more the FFA earn. Again this sounds fair enough to me. The FFA need to get off their high-horse which is looking more like a shetland pony at the moment and just sort it out.Harry Kewell will be good for the game in Australia.

Is it really fair to treat a player of Harry Kewell's stature in the same way you would treat a junior signing his first contract when making his A-League debut?? I doubt it!!

No one player is bigger than the competition - I get that. However, the FFA have to realise that attracting star Australian players, let alone star overseas players to the A-League, those players needed to earn a decent quid. If Harry earns a few bucks on the side and that makes him sign the dotted line and therefore gives football in Australia the much needed injection of adrenalin that has been missing for a few years, then I say do it....and do it quickly.

If this mess isn't sorted out by 31 August, Kewell is free to negotiate with other clubs and two United Arab Emirates teams are already in talks with his management offering $4 million a season. I would not blame him one bit if he sets up his post-UK life in the UAE instead of Melbourne. He's entitled to earn as much money as he wants wherever he wants. I just want him to earn it here in Australia!!

Please FFA just rubber stamp this. You did it or something similar for Robbie Fowler and Dwight Yorke so now do it for one of the favourite sons of Australian football, Harry Kewell.

Do you agree that this needs to be sorted out soon??

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