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Ground Zero - Australian FIFA World Cup Bid for 2018 or 2022

The Mad Chatter - Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Australia is bidding for the FIFA World CupWhat could derail Australia’s chance to host the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup?

No it’s not that soccer isn’t our number one sport and no, it’s not that most Aussie’s laugh when soccer players take a dive!!

The two big football codes have started questioning the reality of a FIFA World Cup bid because there could be a shortage of grounds. The National Rugby League (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL) have both raised concerns that hosting the soccer World Cup would spoil their respective seasons.

A successful FIFA World Cup bid requires stadiums and pitches to be off a certain quality and size. Although the Federal Government would kick-in for any upgrades needed if a bid was successful, the NRL and AFL are concerned that their competitions will be adversly affected as the stadiums they use wouldn’t be available.

What a joke!! Australia hasn’t even won the bid yet and our two biggest sporting codes are already whinging. There are some genuine concerns but let’s focus on winning the right to host the World Cup first. If Australia gets a tick in the box, then we can work out what to do with the regular NRL and AFL seasons.

Those codes juggled timetables for the Olympics in 2000 so why can’t they do it again??

This is going to be an interesting debate - Soccer v AFL and NRL. Not sure who will win but one thing is for sure, all Australians should be behide a bid to host a FIFA World Cup!!

I’ll be right behind the bid - supporting all the way. Are you supporting the bid?

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