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Gold Means Gold - Torah Bright Shows Why Winter Olympics are Important

The Mad Chatter - Friday, February 19, 2010
Torah Bright on her way to the Gold Medal

I wonder which hypocrites are celebrating Aussie champion Torah Bright's Gold Medal performance in the final of the Ladies Snowboard Half Pipe at the Vancouver Winter Olympics?

I reckon there would be heaps of them!!

The average Aussie punters laughs about the relevance of the Winter Olympics and I bet they are the same people today saying how great it is that Australia has picked up it's fourth ever Gold Medal.

It truly was a memorable performance by Bright. She qualified first for the final but crashed out on her first attempt trying to land a manoeuvre that would have sealed the Gold. However, the crash left her in last position after round one in the Final. Having the lowest score from round one, Bright had to lead the pack and face all the pressure in round two knowing that she only had one more opportunity to win.

The pressure would have been immense but Torah Bright nailed her round two run and scored a massive 45 which put her in the lead. Twenty-three year old Bright waited nervously for the other finalists to complete their runs before being able to claim Gold.

It seems Torah Bright knew exactly what was required to win at Vancouver. "I knew how to do what I was about to go and do, so it was just a matter of having fun", Bright told the Nine Network.

Fellow Aussie Holly Crawford finished in eighth spot in the Final in an effort not to be sneezed at.

To see the smile on Torah Bright's face and on all of the Australian athletes competing at the Games should be enough to quash the hypocrites. Just because they have chosen sports that aren't necessarily popular or accessible in Australia, does not mean they aren't champions in their own right. In fact, I believe it makes them even better than some of our Summer Olympians or traditional sporting champions because they have had to move away to follow their dreams and make it on their own.

Well done Torah Bright and well done to all of the other Aussie athletes competing in the Winter Games. You deserve the victory and deserve Australia's praise!!

If you're one of those hypocrites hopefully a Gold Medal for Australia is enough to shut you up!!!

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