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FIFA Corruption - Did Australia Back The Wrong Horse In Sepp Blatter?

The Mad Chatter - Friday, June 03, 2011
Sepp Blatter - Pleas to delay the FIFA President vote fell on deaf ears

Football fans around the world were gobsmacked when reigning FIFA President, 75-year-old Sepp Blatter, was re-elected for a fourth and final four year term this week in a one horse race. The FIFA leader and his organisation have been under a cloud of controversy for years but more recently with fresh allegations of corruption and vote buying during the voting for the 2022 World Cup.

I think the member nations, including Australia, that voted for Sepp Blatter this week to lead FIFA for another four years are weak as you know what and missed a golden opportunity to clear the ranks of the organisation that is meant to be for the game and for the people. They must have been high as a kite to vote for him again. It seems at the moment FIFA is only for themselves.

Some of the member nations including England wanted this week’s vote for the new president postponed until the corruption investigations were concluded. I think this was a very reasonable request. Sixteen nations in all wanted the vote to be delayed and to their credit abstained from the latest vote as their collective plea fell on deaf ears and the vote occurred regardless of the investigations.

Squarely in my sight for not showing an ounce of character is the Football Federation of Australia (FFA). FFA Chairman Frank Lowy and FFA chief executive officer Ben Buckley have some explaining to do in my opinion.

How could the Aussie contingent possibly vote for a bloke who was at the helm of FIFA when alleged vote buying ruined our chance to host the 2022 World Cup?? Let alone cost Australian tax payers $45 million?? It doesn’t make any sense to me and before the do-gooders that will defend the FFA say things like, “Well Blatter was the only candidate so they had to vote for him”, the Aussies could have abstained like the other 16 nations that still have credibility.

I know respected Aussie football legend Les Murray was part of an Ethics Committee that said there was no need to warrant further investigation of Blatter but he was also very quick not to be seen as defending him. He made this clear on ABC’s World Today program on Thursday 2 June 2011. When asked whether he’ll clean the game up, Les Murray replied.

“I honestly don't know whether he will do it. He's made noises certainly at the congress in his introductory remarks and also in his speech, in his acceptance speech that steps have to be taken to clean up the organisation.

“You know he said the other day that there was no, at a press conference, that there was no crisis. But I honestly don't think he believes that. I think he knows there is a crisis and he's got to fix it and fix it real quick.”

FFA CEO Ben Buckley seemed to be more positive towards FIFA’s new direction after Sepp Blatter won the one horse race for President again with the help of the Aussie vote.

“The language coming from the president and the rest of the FIFA executive today was positive in that it would look to reform the decision making process, particularly around the World Cup. And we've been on the record before as saying that that process is somewhat flawed and needs to be looked at. In that context we're very pleased.”

My question to the FFA is that if they are pleased that Sepp Blatter will now clean the organisation up and previously have gone on record saying they think the system is flawed, than why the hell did they vote again for the same bloke who was leader during the time the organisation got dirty and was flawed??

If the FIFA President says the organisation needs a clean up, he acknowledges that it was somewhat dirty.

The FFA and other FIFA nations have missed a big opportunity here to fix FIFA and I think the Aussies definitely backed the wrong horse this time around.

Let me know if you think the Aussies backed the wrong horse or whether you think Sepp Blatter is the man for the job......

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