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English Premier League Is Boring

The Mad Chatter - Thursday, May 12, 2011

Alex FergusonWell it is coming up to the end of yet another boring and highly predictable season of the English Premier League Soccer (EPL) …. oops I mean Football and once again we have the same old teams in contention for the title. When will the EPL introduce some sort of system to even out the playing rosters and restore some sort of competition into proceedings? Did I hear someone say salary cap?

I've done some research and since 1993 only one - yes one - club that wasn't Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea has won the premier English competition. That sole team was Blackburn Rovers in 1995.

Again in 2011 nothing but a disaster will stop Manchester United from winning yet another title, and if that disaster occurs then it would be Chelsea who would win the title. Can anyone hear people saying boooooorrrrrrring?? That is, unless of course you are a Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea fan!!

To illustrate the point further, the list of winners from 1993 to 2010 are Manchester United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers (how the hell did they sneak in here), Manchester United, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester United, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester United, Manchester United, Chelsea. Oh, and you can all but add Manchester United at the end of that list for this year, just for something different.

The salary cap in the National Rugby League and the draft in the AFL are great examples of how a competition can be kept even. Even competitions means a highly unpredictable and entertaining sport with any team capable of winning on any given weekend against any opposition.

Why won't the English Premier League implement something similar? A search on the EPL site for the term "salary cap" says it all. "NO RESULTS FOUND".

Seriously, can't the football administrators see that there is something seriously wrong when there is more interest in what is happening at the bottom of the table than there is at what is happening at the top. The relegation dog fight is much more entertaining that the prima donna rich clubs waltzing away with the title yet again due to their sheer market power.

Take Alex Ferguson from Manchester United for example. He cheers and carries on everytime they win a match, let alone a title. Why is this such a surprise or cause for excitement when he controls the best products in the marketplace? This would be like the CEO of Coke cheering when they tell him that Coke is the number one cola in the world. Spare me please.....

The Hyundai A-League got it spot on with semi-finals and a final. It gave fans of soccer and general sporting fans a reason to watch at the end of the season. None of this first past the post dribble like in the EPL!! Boooooorrrrrrring!!

I for one can't wait until another pedestrian and predictable season of English Premier League is over!

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