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Eddie McGuire Hits Out At GWS Giants and Phil Davis - Lock It In Eddie

The Mad Chatter - Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Eddie McGuire CollingwoodCollingwood President Eddie Maguire is sometimes one of the most hated men in the AFL and Aussie sport. However, his latest outburst against the new AFL franchise, the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) Giants, is 100% spot on in my opinion!! No need to call a friend, just lock this one straight in!!

The AFL has a rule that a club is not allowed to sign an existing contracted player until the player in question has finished his season with his existing club. Sounds fair enough to me. Yesterday Adelaide player Phil Davis agreed to terms with GWS for next year. He said the money was too big to knock back. Now to me that means he has entered into an agreement while still contracted to Adelaide regardless off whether pen has been put to paper and this is certainly against the spirit of that rule.

Eddie launched an attack on GWS saying that this is a clear breach of the AFL rules and should be investigated. See the video below thanks to my mates at Foxsports to hear what Eddie had to say about it.

I hate to admit this but big Eddie McG has a really good point here. (Anyone else notice Eddie McGuire's initials are MCG....) Maybe using the term cheats is not appropriate but this is flirting with the laws of the AFL and must be investigated. Let's see what the law actually says.......

Section 4.7 of the AFL player rules demands clubs "shall not enter into any contracts, agreements, arrangements or understandings with a player that is included on the list of another club" until that player's club has completed its season. The penalty for breaches is $50,000.

Seems like an open and closed case to me. The key words in the above are 'agreements' and 'arrangements' and 'understandings'. Although Phil Davis has not put pen to paper, this is still clearly a breach in my opinion.

Eddie McGuire's spray today led the GWS Team to distribute a media release saying that Phil Davis had not been officially signed. Who cares GWS?? You may not have got him to sign a contract but you have entered into an agreement, arrangement or understanding. Kevin Sheedy the GWS coach was as usual playing it cool. When he was asked whether Phil Davis was joining GWS he simply answered,

“Yesterday when he announced that he was going to come and I'm very pleased because that means players are prepared to come to Western Sydney.

“I wouldn't know whether he's signed any forms or anything… what I'm saying is I'm glad the young man is coming.”

What's that old saying.....If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quack likes a duck, than it is probably a duck.....Well this sounds and looks like some clever PR spin for diverting his knowledge of the transaction.

Congratulations Eddie McGuire for your outburst. For once I was pleased to hear your voice. I think the GWS Giants are absolutely kidding themselves and the AFL should definitely get those big red-tape scissors out and have a close look at the Phil Davis/GWS agreement, arrangement or understanding!!

So are you with me or do you think this is fine........

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