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David Boon and Canadian Club - What Have You Done?

The Mad Chatter - Monday, July 18, 2011
David Boon is now on the Canadian Clubs

You know that moment when you realise Santa Claus isn't real or you wake from that awesome dream of winning the lotto to realise you're still a battler?? Well I had one of those moments yesterday.

The little legend from Launceston has done something that not even picturing his diving catch at short-leg to secure Warney's hat-trick or remembering a blazing cut shot through backward point can appease. How could my hero, David Clarence Boon, turn his back on Australian beer and become the face of Canadian Club whisky?? What the flaming hell is all that about? What's next, Dick Smith promoting maple syrup...please!!

It now appears that for a hard earned thirst you need a big cold Canadian Club and the best cold Canadian Club still can't beat a nice chilled beer in my books. I for one am disappointed in Boonie. The man who smashed 52 tinnies on the flight to London from Sydney for his preparation in the 1989 Ashes series seems to have forgotten his roots and I am blaming the International Cricket Council (ICC).

When Boonie was an Australian cricket selector, you can't tell me he would have been standing around drinking a cheap whisky instead of a beer with other selectors big Merv Hughes, Andrew Hilditch and Jamie Cox. I just can't and wont believe that. What I do believe is that even since Boonie took an opportunity to leave the troublesome Aussie selectors panel to take up a ICC Match Referee role, it appears he has become a bit more cultured. Whether this is Boonie's own decision or the wine and cognac sipping ICC crowd have tried to turn him, we'll never know. After all, an ICC match referee does do a fair bit of travelling and the ICC might have been worried Boonie would have a crack at the Sydney to Mumbai tinnie record next.

It appears Canadian Club have pulled off the massive advertising victory and have commenced a 'Boonies over beer? Catch him with Canadian Club' campaign. When I stop and take off my patriotic baggy green cap and hop down off my soapbox, I can admit the campaign has already been a victory for the Canadian whisky. However, I don't like seeing David Boon like this. What ever happened to the Boonie VB dolls - where is that bloke these days?

It looks like I only have the memories of my hero to hang on to - oh - and that little shimmy he used to do while facing up to the likes of Curtly Ambrose. That used to drive the ladies of Launceston mad!! Boonie you are still a legend but please mate come back from the darkside and get yourself a beer!!

This all comes at a time when Aussies are drinking the lowest amount of beer in 62 years. ABS data released in early June showed the consumption of beer fell from 4.62 litres to 4.56 litres per capita in the year to June, the lowest result since 1947-48. 1948 was the year we started seeing Holden's on our streets so Boonie's act of treason could not have come at a worse time. If David Boon is off beer no wonder the figures are the lowest in 62 years. What chance do we have if icons like him are promoting non-beer drinks.

Now you tell me which of the following ads makes you smile, feel Australian and want to jump out of your chair. I know for me, it isn't the Canadian Club suit wearing David Boon.......

You know I'm right. This is a travesty!! You know that saying about crying into your beer, well I'm off to do that now!!

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