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Collingwood Sex Scandal - Ban The Booze and The Boys

The Mad Chatter - Monday, October 04, 2010
Collingwood Sex Scandal

Two Collingwood players were allegedly involved in a sexual assault following their premiership victory on Saturday afternoon. Two Collingwood players, one a premiership player, have been interviewed by Victorian police.

This alleged sexual assault comes on the back of NRL player Robert Lui being charged by NSW police with nine (9) separate charges after he allegedly assault his pregnant girlfriend and tried to choke her following a night out after his Wests Tigers side was knocked out in the semi-finals.

This behaviour is totally unacceptable and although the NRL and AFL do not tolerate violence towards women, the scary fact is these morons that play the major footy codes think they are invincible. When will these major sporting organisations completely ban alcohol or come up with a way to stop this from happening?

Both codes do education sessions - fairdinkum - does this really need to be taught to adult males?

Any NRL or AFL player found to have assaulted a female or indeed commit any other criminal offence should just have their contract ripped up immediately and never allowed back. Stopping these boneheads from playing may be the only the way to get through to the other boneheads that are waiting to do something horrible!!

The NRL and AFL must act now!!

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