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Bye Bye Big Bad Barry

The Mad Chatter - Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Barry Hall knocks out Brent Stacker last yearAFL star Barry Hall has left the Sydney Swans mid-season after 10 days of dialogue between team management and the hard hitting full-forward couldn’t save his career.

It is obvious the star is no longer wanted or needed by the Sydney Swans and the latest on-field incident involving 32-year-old Hall may have sealed his fate. In  his 250th match in the AFL, Barry Hall was again in the bad books for punching Adelaide Crows player Ben Rutten.

Those that love a bit of biff, love Barry Hall. Those that are more passive think the bloke is nothing but a thug. Either way whether you like Barry Hall or loath him, he was a star of the game.

Personally I’m glad to see the back of the 194cm, 104kg pugilist. He plays hard but goes completely overboard and can’t help himself but punch and strike others when he gets frustrated. So far in the 2009 season, a string of striking incidents have kept the Swans star in trouble with the club and the AFL.

Last year Barry Hall knocked out West Coast Eagles player Brent Stacker after landing an unprovocked punch on his jaw. He was suspended for this lunacy.

Who can forget his brain explosions, yes plural for explosion, in the match against the Hawthorn Hawks in June. His anger management, or lack there of, caused him to boil over and give away three 50m free kicks that effectively handed Hawthorn the win. Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos was so furious at Hall’s behaviour he pulled him from the field.

I’m sure Hall was read the Riot Act from Swans management and put on a good behaviour bond after the Hawthorn match. However, his latest brain explosion against Adeliade that led to a two-match suspension has proved too much for the Swans. Barry Hall has been reported 15 times in his 13-year career and missed 26 matches from suspension.

It might be time for the big unit to put his feet up and watch the Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson film Anger Management. After all, Barry’s has some spare time now!!

Before any club thinks of signing him in the 2010 season, they’ll want sort of guarantee he’s improved his ability to remain calm. Failure to demonstrate this will only leave him with career prospects in:

  • WWE profession wrestling
  • Ice hockey
  • Boxing
  • Bouncer at a nightclub
  • Stunt man or substitute actor in the next Kill Bill movie
  • Rodeo clown

Die hard Sydney Swans fan will support their loyal lout but the game has changed and big bad Barry didn’t change with it. It’s a shame his on-field indiscretions will over shadow his amazing career.

Barry Hall played 250 AFL matches, 162 for the Sydney Swans. He kicked 467 goals in his 13-year career. He was the Swans best and fairest winner in 2004. He was the Swans leading goalkicker in 2002-08. He was the Swans co-captain in 2005-07 and grand final-winning captain in 2005. He was an All-Australian representative in 2004, 2005 and 2006. He played in the International Rules Series 2003 and was co-captain in 2006.

So is Barry Hall just plain mad and are you glad to see the back of him or is he one of the last true big tough men of the game??

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