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Brisbane Bombers - Good or Bad?

The Mad Chatter - Thursday, July 14, 2011
Brisbane Bombers

Why on earth would the morons in charge of winning the bid for the next NRL licence and giving the passionate rugby league fans of Brisbane a second team jeopardise their very good chance by calling the team the Brisbane Bombers?? This group was doing an amazing job and were likely to get the nod until they launched a dud today. I wonder when Hungry Jacks are going to release their new burger called the Big Mac?? Fairdinkum!! Their second choice was the Brisbane Kookaburras.....Um they are the Australian men's hockey team.....

I was completely astounded today when I heard this....What were they thinking?? Surely they realise 'The Bombers' is a term entrenched in Australian sport because of its association with Essendon Football Club in the AFL.

I think Billy Moore and the directors Craig Davison, Nicholas Livermore and Bill Rae have made a monumental mistake. The new team brand was launched today. I truly believe Brisbane deserves a second NRL club but I hope the over-paid marketing consultants they obviously listened to have not ruined Brisbane's chance at hosting another team. That would be a travesty!!

Essendon Bombers

I agree the logos are not similar but this is not about the logos. I also agree that currently the Richmond Tigers and the Wests Tigers co-exist, and that the Western Bulldogs and the Canterbury Bulldogs co-exist. However, the big difference here is that these brands have been around for a very long time and as sport became professional and managed like a business, these brands were so well established they easily stood the test of time.

Below is a copy of the promotional video shown at today's launch. Yeah it is slick, but will the fake crowd excitement get the NRL excited enough to give Brisbane a second team....I doubt it!!

What did you think of that? Not bad but not awesome. Looked more like a clip for the Hollywood film Pearl Harbour then a video promoting the passion of Brisbane rugby league fans.

To help see the stupidity of this decision, stop and think of how rugby league fans would have felt if the new AFL team in Western Sydney was called the Western Sydney Broncos or the Western Sydney Rabbitohs.....I can completely understand the AFL fans and in particular the Essendon Football Club management are not impressed with this.

In today's Courier Mail, Essendon chief executive Ian Robson said the matter would be referred to the AFL's lawyers.

"I wish them good luck with their expansion but if the Bombers really is their name then we want to make sure that no lines are crossed or blurred," Robson said.

For the same reason why the Central Coast Bears wont succeed in the NRL, Brisbane league fans will want their own team with its own identity and I don't believe the name Brisbane Bombers will achieve this. I also believe the NRL will feel the same and that this will negatively affect their bid.

This could be the biggest flop since Crocodile Dundee 4 and I for one will not be supporting the Brisbane Bombers. I will support a second Brisbane rugby league team. It is a stupid decision and with so many other options I still just can't believe they chose the Brisbane Bombers.

Maybe they should have chosen the Brisbane Battlers......

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