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Brett Seymour Sacked - Breaking Glass is Bad Luck

The Mad Chatter - Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brett Seymour was sacked by Cronulla Sharks after being found guiltyThree strikes and you’re out! That’s the message National Rugby League (NRL) team the Cronulla Sharks have given Brett Seymour and the 24-year-old has discovered that breaking glass does bring bad luck.

Today, the Sharks announced that Seymour was going to be sacked and the club’s chief executive Richard Fisk said that they had considered all the options for their troubled half-back.

“We have worked with Brett Seymour both internally and with counselling support and unfortunately those effort have not been embraced. The Sharks have gone through a difficult period and it is important for us to ensure the brand is protected,” he said.

The latest alcohol fueled incident for the NRL and Cronulla Sharks came to light after Seymour was asked to leave a licensed premises on Sunday night when he allegedly broke a mirror. This is Seymour’s third grog related drama. He was sacked by the Brisbane Broncos in 2006 after a string of off-field alcohol incidents and video footage earlier this year showed him stumbling around the streets of Cronulla. This incident cost Seymour $20,000 and two weeks on the sideline.

Obviously he didn’t get the message.

I applaud the NRL and Cronulla Sharks for their tough stance on the matter. Their brand is in tatters after the sex scandal that led to Matthew Johns being stood down by Channel Nine and repeat offenders like this clown do nothing to help the game.

The NRL will not allow Brett Seymour to register with another club and CEO David Gallop made that clear today.

“Certainly in the case of Brett the NRL would need to be convinced that it was in both the player’s best interests and the game’s best interests that he move to another club and our current view is that Brett would not be accepted for registration for some time,” Gallop said.

“There have been a number of players who have proven that they can benefit from another chance but clubs need to accept that they take on a huge responsibility in this area.”

Unfortunately for the Sharks this comes at a time when their on-field performances are being praised by many in the rugby league world.

Congratulations to the NRL and Cronulla Sharks for getting rid of another peanut from our game.

It is clear that some of the players will never learn and as the game removes the pests one by one, the same messages will go out to every player again - behave on the drink, don’t go out, be kind to women, watch out for the media……

Who will be the next to go? Time will only tell.

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