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Bon Jovi and the NRL - What Has Been The Best Theme Song For Rugby League

The Mad Chatter - Friday, February 11, 2011
Bon Jovi NRL

The National Rugby League (NRL) has made possibly the biggest deal in its history to secure legend Bon Jovi and his song This is Our House as the theme for rugby league in Australia for the next three years.

I’m sure a great deal of money and testing has gone into this decision but I don’t think the song is as good as everyone makes out. PLUS – it is being used by the National Football League (NFL) and individual NFL teams in America. Surely we can come up with our own stuff and not copy the Yanks!!

The song was written specifically for sport. I think Bon Jovi is an absolute legend and I love busting out to some classics on the juke box at the pub as much as the next person but I don’t think this new song is going to resonate with league followers.

It sounds more suited to the old Aussie DIY show that Reg Livermore and Shirley Strachan hosted.This has got me thinking and I thought with a whole catalogue of Bon Jovi tracks, surely there must be some others that can be applied to the NRL.

So here are my top 8 Bon Jovi tracks more suited to the NRL than his new one This is Our House.

1. Always – For Darren Lockyer – How long can this bloke keep going for??

2. Bad Medicine – For the Newcastle Knights players that thought it would be a good idea to start selling drugs on the side.

3. Blaze of Glory – For the Melbourne Storm players, supporters and administrators as their empire came crashing down in 2010 for cheating the salary cap.

4. Keep the Faith – To all NSW supporters. You will win another a State of Origin match before 2050.

5. Livin’ on a prayer – To the Melbourne Storm players that were getting paid a second income on the second set of books. These blokes weren’t living in reality!!

6. Misunderstood – For all the referees out there

7. Some Day I’ll be a Saturday Night – To the NRL’s greatest invention – Super Saturday’s on Fox Sports.

8. Something for the Pain – To anyone who listens to Channel 9 and has to put up with Phil Gould’s dumb and uneducated comments.

Remember these pearlers – they have been used in rugby league over the years:

  • Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy - mid-1980s
  • What You Get Is What You See - Tina Turner - 1989
  • Simply The Best - Tina Turner - 1990-95
  • No theme song - 1996
  • Two Tribes go To War - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - 1997
  • Super League It's My Game - NSWRL's own theme song - 1997
  • Tubthumping (I get knocked down! But I get up again) Chumbawamba - 1998
  • Blow That Whistle, Ref'' - Thomas Keneally 1999
  • What A Game - Tom Jones 2000
  • No theme song - just racing car noises to with player action- 2001
  • No TV advertising campaign - 2002
  • That's My Team - Hoodoo Gurus 2003-07
  • Centenary of League Campaign - 2008
  • Feels Like Woah - Wes Carr 2009
  • Fan voices (no theme song campaign) - 2010
  • This Is Our House - Bon Jovi – 2011

My favourite and all time classic league song is Simply the Best by Tina Turner and the Hoodoo Gurus song That’s My Team.

What is your favourite rugby league theme song of all time and is Bon Jovi the right man for the NRL?

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