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2010 Memorable Sporting Moments

The Mad Chatter - Monday, January 03, 2011

While I was sipping on my tenth beer on New Year’s Eve I started to think about 2010 and what were the biggest sporting controversies of the year. There were plenty to choose from so here are my top sporting controversies and moments of 2010.

Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal

Melbourne Storm salary cap breaches

The Storm were fined $1.6million, had their 2007 and 2009 Premiership victories and the Minor Premierships in 2006, 2007 and 2008 stripped from the official records. The club was also forced to play in the 2010 competition for no competition points.

Players and officials from the club denied any wrongdoing but we all know the truth!!


Nude St Kilda photos on Facebook

A troubled teen obtained nude photos of St Kilda players Nick Riewoldt, Zac Dawson and Nick Dal Santo and posted them on Facebook. St Kilda went to court to have the photos removed and Victoria Police are investigating the matter.

Ben Cousins documentary

Anyone who watched the Ben Cousins documentary would have felt sick on the stomach after seeing the arrogance of the former AFL star. The documentary portrayed his abuse filled life gloriously and it highlighted that Cousins was not sorry for what he had done to his family or his club. Not the message the documentary should have been pushing!!

Joel Monaghan making a dogs breakfast of his career

Monaghan made a Mad Monday blunder when he was photographed letting a dog have a munch on his jatz crackers. A team mate posted the photo on twitter and away it went. Monaghan had to quit the Canberra Raiders in disgust and the RSPCA were calling for him to be criminally charged. He has now signed a one-year deal with the Warrington Wolves. I hope he knows that wolves have sharper teeth than labradors.....

Pakistan are officially cheats

For years it has been well known that Pakistan were cheats on and off the cricket field. In 2010, the International Cricket Council suspended Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt and Mohammad Aamer after a British newspaper recorded the trio fixing matches and bowling no-balls at pre-determined times during at Test match at the home of cricket, Lord's.


It’s just not cricket but well done ICC for throwing the book at them!!

Bulldogs v Cowboys: match-fixing hits the NRL

Rumours went flying around the NRL, mobile phones and every pub in Australia about match fixing allegations involving the Canterbury Bulldogs and the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL.

Both the NRL and police are investigating circumstances surrounding a penalty in a match between the two clubs. Huge amounts of late money was placed on the first scoring act of the game and Bulldogs prop Ryan Tandy gave away a dumb penalty right in front of the posts.

The investigation is on-going.

Helping your mate – Ferrari does illegal move

In 2002, Rubens Barrichello allowed Michael Schumacher to pass him to win the Australian F1 Grand Prix. This was outlawed but in 2010 Ferrari were fined USD $100,000 for telling Felipe Massa to let Fernando Alonso pass him at the German Grand Prix.

Apparently there is an “I” in the Ferrari team. This caused a massive blow-up in the F1 community.

Qatar win 2022 World Cup

With rumours of corruption inside FIFA and the secret ballot process of the world cup judging panel, Qatar of all places was tipped to win the 2022 World Cup. Australia’s bid was solid and well supported by the population and businesses.

However, our video featuring a kangaroo stealing the World Cup was seen by most of Australia as a dud and this hurt our chances of hosting the biggest event in the world.

I still can’t believe Qatar won the 2022 World Cup over Australia. How bad are we going......

The 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games

The whole Commonwealth Games process in Delhi was a joke. Footbridges collapsed, the athletes village was disgusting, roofs came crashing down and athletes boycotted the event. A real example of how not to run an event!!

One Aussie athlete made me smile when he threw a washing machine out of the window after having a few glasses of fun celebrating the closure of the Games.

Sally Pearson robbed of gold

Aussie superstar Sally Pearson won the final of the 100m in Delhi only to be told she would be stripped of the Gold Medal because she false started in the first attempt of the final and therefore should not have been allowed to run in the second attempt. It was an example of the incompetence of the officials in Delhi.

The Gold Medal was given to a Nigerian runner who was later stripped of the Gold for failing a drug test. A complete farce!!

Danny Green v Paul Briggs

Danny Green's easiest fight

The stage was set for big home town fight in Perth for Danny Green against a bloke called Paul Briggs, a former Aussie champion. The venue was packed and there was a massive TV audience to boot.

The fight began and at the 29 second mark Danny Green threw a left jab that glanced the top of Briggs’ head. He went down like a sack of potatoes and punters, fans and Danny Green himself blew-up saying that Briggs took a dive. Slow motion replays and an investigation showed that Briggs did take a dive. What a bloody disgrace!!

Mate against mate but not the usual State of Origin battle

For years the promoters of the NRL State of Origin marketed the matches as mate against mate, and state against state. In 2010, two mates turned on each other. Andrew Johns and Timanu Tahu had a stoush that led to Tahu leaving the NSW Origin camp. Apparently Johns had made some racist remarks and Tahu had a gut full. The two Novocastrians played together at the Newcastle Knights and in junior footy and were good mates so I’m sure there was more to this than one comment from Andrew Johns.

Vuvuzela violence

Who knew a plastic horn could be so bloody annoying?? The vuvuzela became a hit with 2010 World Cup fans who blew the bejesus out of them at every opportunity. However, the horns turned everyone else off the World Cup and there were even reports of murders in South Africa related to the over use of the vuvuzela.

Drawn AFL Grand Final

For only the third time in history, the AFL Grand Final finished with the scores locked. Many fans and the players themselves didn’t know that the rules stated that the game must be replayed the following week and not force an extra time period.

This caused havoc for fans that travelled and for the players involved. Surely the AFL will look at this aspect of the rules in the future.

These are the controversies that stuck out for me in 2010. Have I missed any?? If so let me know what you think was one of the most memorable controversies in 2010.

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